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Fast Facts

I have been in love with this boat from Day 1.  I’d owned fiberglass boats with outboards before and was fed up with engine problems and fiberglass damage.  The engine problems were always extremely costly.  The fiberglass was easy to damage and tricky to repair.  Even if it wasn’t damaged it would crack and craze and chip over time letting water into the glass underneath.  I was a little afraid of the props with a wife and young son in the water.

The welded aluminum jet boat was the answer.  Absolutely indestructible, powerful, and very safe with jet drive propulsion.  As my friends liked to say, it was “a Sherman tank on a rocket”.

So what if you bounce off a dock or run aground?  Push off with confidence and keep going.  Beach your boat anywhere you like and don’t worry about damage to a fiberglass hull bottom.  

Your boat can look like new anytime you polish it.  Try that with 10-year old fiberglass!  Don’t worry about props - you’ll never be on the TV news with yet another story of someone horribly chopped up by a spinning prop.

We’ve had a lot of fun on this boat and I’m sad to see it go.  The boy is in high school and has other interests.  In a few years going to college and gone forever from these great times we’ve had.  It’s time for another family to make memories on this baby.

Don’t wait to make your memories - later is too late!